dissabte, 4 de maig del 2013

When I'm Alone. #MinutsMusicals amb Lissie

When I’m Alone

I turned my back
You were gone in a flash
Like you always do
You’ve always gone off
Somewhere else

And when the phone rang
And I thought it was you
And I sprung like a kid
Who just got out of school
But it’s almost
Always never you
Never you

I scream like a child
My insides went wild

When I’m alone with you, you make me feel, you make me feel
When I’m alone with you, you are the one, you are the one

When I reach out and I only grab air
And it kills me to think
That you never did care and it’s hopeless
You’ve always gone off somewhere else

And I’m throwing a tantrum
Why are you such a phantom

Reminds me of home
When you’re around me
Next time you leave
Don’t go without me


Nascuda a Rock Island (Illinois) aquesta jove cantant nord americana va debutar amb Catching a Tiger, un disc que no em canso d'escoltar!

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